What's New

Virtually unbeatable and unbreakable, MAGNASPHERE's patented and award-winning technology provides the absolute highest level of physical perimeter intrusion detection to ensure your home or business remains secured. For more info click here
Magnasphere expands its L2 series of HSS product lines to include the radical L2C series of next generation sensor/switches that exceed UL634 Level 2 High Security standard for installations where unsuspected sensors are desired or required for bothe security and aesthetics.
TSEC has been working on the crux of the matter: by removing Reed switches from magnetic contacts. The Magnasphere® technology, at the heart of every CLIC contact, offers high security features compatible with Grade 3 according to EN 50131-2-6.
The new Dietz 200P, available through Koloona Industries, is a reliable robust pressure switch designed for the pneumatics industry. It offers pressure ranges for 3–150 psi with a proof pressure of 350 psi and is fully field adjustable. With an industry standard Din type connector and a ¼" Male NPT pressure port, this switch is the ideal product for general industrial applications. click here
Because the price of fuel has gone up so much vehicle applications/upgrades like the hydrogen boost systems have become popular. Systems being installed are using the PSF109S-3-8 or PSF109S-9-80 from World Magnetics sold through Koloona Industries throughout Australia. This application will accomplish two things:

Less fuel is used, increasing the mileage.
More power from the engine is obtained.
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The Magnasphere MSS line of security sensors provides a solution to all of the the weaknesses and flaws of the reed. Because the sensors incorporate a true Form B switch, they are installed in an Open Loop electrical configuration. This is the same configuration required for other life safety devices such as smoke and fire alarms, and has long been the recommend configuration by most knowledgeable security professionals. click here