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The unique switch utilised in these devices renders the MSS products virtually unbreakable and highly resistant to permanent contact welding and outsider magnet defeat, allowing Magnasphere to offer an industry leading product warranty. The MSS Series is UL and ULC listed. click here
LEDs vs RF Interference click here
The pin in the socket interlocking with a notch in the plug prevents unintentional pullout of the power cable. Hence this eliminates the need for a specific socket system or retaining device that has to be adapted and built-in. The locking is released by pressing on the releasing lever. This lever is easily identified by its bright yellow color and thus distinguishes this system from existing power cable connections. The extraction force has a minimum of 200 N. Typical applications are in medical appliances, analysis and laboratory instruments, telecom and IT devices, power distribution or radio and TV here
Application notes for changing Fluros over to LEDs. Please click here for our workshop manual. RoHS CE
High Closed Contact Integrity which is not influenced by Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Impervious to impact and Extremes of Temperature, Anti-Tamper - A stronger magnetic field outside the activation zone will cause a closed switch to open, High-Voltage Resistant - Contacts will not permanently weld, Safe for use in Volatile here
The new Dietz 220V offers a vacuum pressure switch range from 530" Hg in a robust industrial housing. Supplied with an industry standard DIN electrical connector and " NPT male pressure port, the switch can be incorporated with ease into most vacuum control systems. It's easy field adjustable pressure range makes this switch the ideal choice for any vacuum switching applications.
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T10 wedge LED lamps and bulbs to replace incandescent globes. Koloona Industries supply a number of types of LEDs for caravans, 5th wheelers, motorhomes, cars, 4WD and boats. With a wide range to choose from we can even custom make LED replacements for any light fitting. click here RoHS CE.
for LED dimensions click here
Fully automatic SMD, non mercury, silent sphere, motion detectors for movement and position sensors. For further technical info click here
Koloona Industries supply World Magnetics' pressure differential sensor switches to be used in conjunction with pressure transducers. The PSF switches are utilised to turn on the transducer only when there is air flow, this way the transducer is only using power when needed. For further info on the PSF range click here
Sensolute micro vibration sensors implemented for the reduction of energy consuption and for the prolongation of battery lifetime in the electronic camlocks and transponders of the newly designed wireless electronic-control system. For further info just click here
Schurter's new T9 series circuit breaker from Koloona Industries is free from lead and other hazardous materials as outlined by the European Union's Restriction on the Use of Hazardous Substance (RoHS). The new design is equipped with the same proven features, such as fuseholder body style, snap-in mounting (5/8" or 16mm diameter hole), and push-to-reset button. Its tripping operation is trip-free. For more info click here
THE PATENTED, AWARD-WINNING MAGNASPHERE SWITCH represents the first break-through in two-wire magnetic switch technology since the introduction of the reed switch in the 1930s. Originally designed as a replacement for the vulnerable reed switch used in security systems, the MAGNASPHERE switch exhibits a wide range of characteristics that make it an ideal solution for many industrial and commercial OEM applications. Only stand-alone technology to function as a ferrous proximity sensor. Reeds and Halls need a biasing magnet click here
With a patented shock/vibration resistance design, miniature sized, lightweight dependable quick response time, the PSF 100A has a rugged MIL-SPEC (Military Standard), purpose, perfectly suited for such applications as; Commercial or Military, aircraft, ships, ground transport vehicles, communications and weaponry. Cabin pressure measurement, oxygen masks, air velocity indicators, vacuum toilet, missile/aircraft guidance and helicopter systems. For further info click here
LED lighting for homes and offices, workplaces and outdoors. LED lighting Australia. LED lighting Sydney. RoHS CE.
These units are explosion proof pressure switches. They are similar to the ones preceding but are placed in explosion proof housings. The most popular ones are the 2658 series. Our dual differential pressure switches are used as the core of the unit. They are most commonly used on gas pipe line pumping units.
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Smallest gap of 1.5mm allows this specialised relay to only require a short voltage impulse for 80ms to operate, acheiving maximum efficiency available for any solar inverter systems. With high power contact able to carry 100A. For more info on this new device click here
Novoperm Magnetic switches operate without contact and without any power supply.
They are generally equipped with dry contact.
It can be normally open, normally closed and changeover as contact elements.
In addition, bistable switches are available. click here
The SCHURTER 6610 is the first of its kind appliance outlet using IDC terminal technology. This novel product allows significant reduction of labour costs by supporting a more efficient assembly method. Multiple outlets can be banked and wire connections can be bussed, connecting the terminals all at once. The product is especially suited for power distribution units and appliances with multiple power outputs. click here
LED lighting for boats, yachts and various marine craft. Koloona supply many types of LED lighting, saving you battery power , producing more light and available in the colour temperatures; Cool and Warm. click here RoHS CE.
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General Application and Approvals Information for assistance in the design-In of here