Green Technology

Schurter releases the NEW Solar Fuse ASO and Fuse Holder FSO. Primarily for the Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Energy and Alternative energy Industries this combined Solar Fuse and DIN rail Mounted Fuse Holder can be utilised in many other similar DC applications where protection of the devastating effects of DC short circuit current and overvoltage conditions with either 'Grid' connected or off-grid arrays is paramount. Available in ratings from 1A to 30A and a rated voltage of 1000V. For additional info on Solar Fuse ASO click here or Fuse holder FSO click here
Specially designed for combined uses with Solar panel energy and other Photovoltaic(PV) type systems Koloona's NEW range of LED lighting is designed for retro-fitting existing incandescent and costly halogen lighting, extending battery life and significantly reducing energy consumption. With types to suit all brands of Motor homes, caravans, All-Terrain passenger vehicles and Marine craft finding the right one is just a click away.
LED Lighting for your home. Koloona's new range of outdoor LED Lighting can save you up to 95% on your lighting costs. Available in E27/Par38 with diffuser and robust Aluminium housing for exterior uses the LKD78 will give you peace of mind the next time your neighbours cat triggers your security sensors. click here for more information.
With Environmental Sciences applied, Magnasphere has developed a mercury FREE alternative for Tilt switch/sensing and stand alone ferrous proximity sensing to enable any end product looking to acheive 'Green Technology' levels of sustainable development. For more info click here
Koloona Industries supply World Magnetics' pressure differential sensor switches to be used in conjunction with pressure transducers. The PSF switches are utilised to turn on the transducer only when there is air flow, this way the transducer is only using power when needed, allowing large established buildings witha HVAC systems to move toward a 'Greener' existance. For further info on the PSF range click here
Sensolute's new omni-directional micro vibration sensor is utilised for converting many systems to environmentally friendly devices by implementing 'wake-up' logic to conserve battery power and bringing energy consumption to a minimum, pushing the availability of 'green technology' into new areas of design and appliaction – as soon as the control centre is moved the micro vibration sensor turns it on, it lights up and displays its full power with appropriate symbols or labels. for further info click here
The GU10 LED downlight is the lowest power consuming LED replacement globe (for maximum light output) on the market today, with a 120 degree beam trying to fill your room with light and only 3.5W of power, without comprimising on the brightness, you could place 15 GU10 LED downlights throughout your home and still use less power than 1 X 50W Halogen, easily retro-fitted into existing downlight fittings; finding the right one is just a click away.
Comus International, in it’s continued effort of exploring new cost effective solutions for the Switching Industry is proud to announce a breakthrough in new product development.
The High Powered tilt switch utilizes dual contact technology, ensuring quality, long life, switching repeatability and is an “Environmentally friendly” tilt switch, containing no hazardous materials. Consisting of small size, user-friendly integral mounting holes and has 7" long flex PVC leads. This switch is a direct replacement for a 1-amp mercury tilt switch and is ideal for high capacity applications. for futher info click here
DesignFlex™ switch products conserve valuable energy by using electrical power only when activated by pressure, vacuum or differential pressure. Our eco-conscious switch designs are employed in a wide variety of alternative energy and environmentally friendly applications. Alternative energy, hybrid automobiles, electric vehicles / automobiles, hydrogen fuel cells, fuel cells, batteries, on-demand systems, alternative fuel heaters, wood and corn pellet stoves, wind turbine and solar energy battery storage systems. Ozone generators, air quality monitors, air filtering detection, air and water filtration / purification, no flush toilets and waste systems, energy conserving products. For more info on the PSF ranges click here
Sensolute micro vibration sensors implemented for the reduction of energy consuption and for the prolongation of battery lifetime in the electronic camlocks and transponders of the newly designed wireless electronic-control system
“Green Technology”. For further info just click here
COMUS has developed this switch, PD6003, in contrast to switch Part Number PD6001. The PD6003 can provide more maximum Switching Capacity 40W/VA. The switch has a normally closed contact when vertical and has resistance to low frequency mechanical vibration relative to the vertical axis, therefore a separate power supply is not necessary. The switch has all weather construction, which makes it perfectly suitable for numerous applications such as OEM, military, medical, automotive, alignment, automation, robotics and angle measurement application. For further info click here
The MR11 replacement LED version available from Koloona Industries
Sensolute's Micro Vibration Sensor smaller than a grain of Rice. Suitable for SMD mounting, the switch can be fitted (hidden) on a PCB to be almost undetectable. Mainly useful for upgrading any design applications where conserving battery power when no movement is detected,'Green devices'. For more info click here
The new sensing device from World Magnetics, incorporates a pressure switch that has been mated with a pilot tube receptor that is installed on the exhaust conduit of clothes dryers. Measuring the pressure differential within the exhaust conduit and the atmosphere, the device will detect and notify appliance users of any blockage issues that could pose a fire hazard. Efficiency is important to the customer to save on energy costs. for further info click here