Environment Policy

Koloona Industries believes that a sound environmental policy is a growing part of our company mission and a basic pre-requisite for the future success of our enterprise and recognises the requirements of maintenance of a Global Environment.


Koloona Industries is committed to implementing its Environmental Management System in compliance with the International Standard AS/NZS ISO 14001, being an essential element of effective supply and support of electronic and electrical related infrastructure design, assembly maintenance and technical operation to help reduce emissions in seven defined sectors:

  • Stationary Energy
  • Transport
  • Industrial Processes
  • Agriculture
  • Fugitive Emissions
  • Waste
  • Land Use

We strive to supply Environmentally Friendly solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand via our agents and distributors and reduce our Environmental Impact through various exercises.

Adhering to relevant rules and regulations is mandatory for Koloona Industries and its staff, it is one of our top priorities to comply with all the Environmental Standards which are applicable to us, consistently seeking up-to-date information and monitoring of our goals to ensure continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System.


Key points are targeted in an economical way;

  • Fuel Analysis
  • Waste management
  • Water management
    • Waste
    • Flow Measurement
    • Collection Level Measurement
  • Recycling
  • Power / Solar
    • Heating
    • Saving
    • Control
    • Conversion
    • Consumption
    • Management

All staff members at Koloona Industries are involved in our Environmental Program which includes redefining our objectives on an annual schedule with internal audits performed at regular intervals to determine the functionality and quality of our Environmental Management System.